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Fresh and Radical Thinking is Key

Fresh and radical thinking is key if law firms are to deliver and  improve truly innovative client-centered law services, according to Michael Powell Solicitors


The  firm which was founded in 1927, is based at No. 5 Lapp’s Quay Cork and employs 15 professionals. The Firm has introduced a new and radical move of setting up a Board of Directors. 


Durcan stated: ‘This move is quite unusual in the legal world and will undoubtedly serve to differentiate MPS (Michael Powell Solicitors) in the  marketplace, bringing new talent from the business world.  The Board will  define and implement the values by which the firm is run and will not concern  itself with the practice of law or with matters relating to individual customers  – these are dealt with by the Partners and their staff’.

‘This type of structure, with its blend of legal expertise and  general commercial & management skills around the top table, is becoming  increasingly commonplace in the UK but the move is the only one of its kind in  Cork and is believed to be one of the first in Ireland.  The move is expected to  transform traditional legal thinking within the firm, using innovative  strategies to provide smart quality-led solutions for clients and win new  markets en route for MPS’ he added.

MPS, also announced that it has achieved ISO  9001:2008 accreditation in quality management, one of the first law firms in  Ireland to do so.  ‘This underpins our firm’s commitment to the principles and  practice of excellence and will further enable us to provide our clients with  the highest level of technical legal expertise in a cost-effective manner’ said  Durcan.

Practice areas at the firm include: Credit Union Law, Commercial Law, Employment Law, Litigation,  Personal Injury, Conveyancing, Family Law and Probate.



We are strategically located in Cork's Central Business District opposite City Hall and adjacent to the Clarion Hotel.  There is on street disc parking or the Clarion Hotel Car Park.

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