Compensation for Soldiers administered the controversial anti-malaria drug, Lariam.larium


Mefloquine, better known as Lariam is an anti-malaria drug renowned for its destructive and life changing side effects. Lariam is notorious for its damaging impact on those who took the drug. It is often linked to the following side effects;

The drug has devastating effects. These symptoms may persist long after the drug has been administered and can remain permanently.

The drug has been widely criticised by victims and the media alike on a worldwide scale after its use by the armies of numerous countries including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland. The administration of Lariam has led to devastating effects on numerous soldiers’ lives.

The widespread upset at the use of the drug saw the armies of many of these countries prohibit the use of the drug, turning instead to the many alternative anti – malaria drugs available. The Irish Defence Forces remain the only advocates for the drug and continue to administer the drug to its soldiers on overseas missions even as recent as October 2018 in a mission to Mali.


Following a number of test-cases taken against the Minister for Defence and the Attorney General in Ireland which saw the Defence Forces settle, some would say this is an admission of liability. We are representing numerous clients in these above-mentioned.

If you have been administered Lariam and believe you have been affected or identify with the above symptoms please feel free to contact:

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