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Open Panel


  • We invite you to talk to one of our Solicitors without obligation so that we can assess what we can offer to you.


  • We will respect your privacy


  • If we believe we can offer assistance, you will be invited to attend for consultation with a Solicitor. At that meeting, your Solicitor will take detailed instructions and draw up a plan of action for dealing with your case and prepare a budget for legal fees and outlays.


  • You will be kept advised on the progress of your case by your Solicitor


  • We will progress your matter in accordance with your instructions.


Our Solicitors are:

    Jenny Powell    Katherina White


Michael Powell Solicitors


We are strategically located in Cork's Central Business District opposite City Hall and adjacent to the Clarion Hotel.  There is on street disc parking or the Clarion Hotel Car Park.

  Our Address: 
5 Lapps Quay
Cork DX 2104
        Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5.30pm
Tel: 021 4270451 Fax 021 4270454