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When somebody dies, their “estate” or property must be passed on to those that stand to inherit.
The legal process of transferring the property and dealing with tax and other matters is commonly known as “probate”. It involves applying to court and submitting information to the Revenue Commissioners.
The Executor named in the will is the person whose duty it is to deal with these matters. If you are an Executor, we can guide you through this process and assist you in fulfilling your duties with the minimum of stress.
If the deceased person did not make a will then the question of who is to inherit is decided by law and in this instance we can let you know who would be entitled to inherit and to deal with matters relating to the deceased person.
If you are an Executor or if your relative or loved-one has died without making a will, please call us to arrange a free initial consultation with Jenny Powell of this office.
Jenny is an experienced Solicitor and Trusts and Estates Practitioner (TEP) and will run through exactly what needs to be done and will answer any queries you may have.  
We can usually agree a fixed fee with you so that you can have peace of mind that there are no hidden charges. However if the matter is complex we may need to employ an hourly rate. 

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